Satoshi's Standard

One coin, one Satoshi, assets permanently bound to Satoshi.

Flexible splitting

ORDX assets can support minimum splitting to one Satoshi.

Assets be easily verified

All ORDX assets support self-verification.

Rare Satoshi assets

ORDX provide detection and management of rare satoshi assets.

SFT assets

All minted FT assets possess SFT attributes.

Support lightning network

ORDX assets can freely enter the Lightning Network.



Asset Types of the ORDX Protocol:

1.FT(Fungible Token): Following the "one coin, one satoshi" logic, primarily issuing FT assets of the "Digital Treasures" type, currently supporting minting and trading through connected OKX and Unisat plugin wallets.

2.NFT(Non-Fungible Token): Enhanced functionality and management capabilities for NFTs, such as providing collection management and personalized settings during minting, such as block height, satoshi quantity, rarity of satoshis, etc.

3.SFT(Semi-Fungible Token): FT assets possess SFT attributes because each coin can carry different data, which can result in interesting combinations during splitting and merging processes, enhancing the playability and application scenarios of the assets.



ORDX Leveraging satoshis as the base unit, harnessing the power of satoshis to issue FT, NFT, and SFT type assets on the Bitcoin layer 1, while also possessing the characteristics of flexible splitting and the ability for assets to freely flow with satoshis.

OLDEX will integrate ORDX assets into the Lightning Network, enabling secure, economical, and fast transactions and circulation of assets. This expansion into more application scenarios ensures user asset security.

SAT20 integrates all assets from ORDX, Ordinals, and Runes protocols, and smoothly brings native assets from the first layer of Bitcoin into the Lightning Network, the second layer, through the OLDEX protocol. This alleviates pressure on the Bitcoin mainnet and fully unleashes liquidity.



Technical Roadmap

ORDX: Developed the ORDX protocol on the BTC layer 1 ecosystem, supporting deploy and mint operations, and providing indexing services (April 2024).

ORDX Market: Provides order placement and trading functionality for ORDX assets (April 2024).

OLDEX: Initiated the development of the OLDEX protocol to enable decentralized exchange (DEX) functionality on the Lightning Network, the second layer of the BTC ecosystem (April to September 2024).

SAT20: Integrates all assets from the ORDX, Ordinals, and Runes protocols, enabling secure, economical, and fast asset transactions and circulation through the OLDEX protocol (October to December 2024).